Lach'sport Factory is an eco-responsible family business "Be Reizh" in Breton! in Châtelaine - Geneva in Switzerland The very concept of the "Lach'sport Factory" project is to discover innovative and eco-responsible manufacturing products, of all categories of competitive and leisure sports, which can represent this sector with dignity by its quality and its origin in the charter that I have set myself: innovation, quality of manufacture, product of appellation of origin, proprietary patent, respect for the environment and that it is in perfect harmony with its sport I therefore set out to promote these products, initially with my small independent company and I hope in a second phase, to establish myself durably in the e-commerce sector for greater visibility in this sector The best products on the market in their respective and unique categories, the first thing that seemed important to me was to defend the manufacturer and his product, the sector is so diverse that it seemed natural to me to promote them in my country Switzerland as it is so well done elsewhere, yes but why Switzerland? Quite simply because Switzerland is a niche market, which is a fabulous laboratory for brands in terms of image, I have already succeeded in the past in this challenge of sustainable implantation of products in the sports field and believe me, this has been very important in terms of results. I was born in Geneva and I know this country and its specificities very well, I have a curious and enthusiastic outlook and an immense need today to share my discoveries and to make these products known A great challenge for commercial development which would have a completely different interest in the eyes of consumers, who have lost sight of the origin and the innovation of the products, you will be able to better understand this choice which I hope will enthuse you by the richness of these discoveries I begin my research of all these products which will make I hope beautiful meetings with the manufacturers, craftsmen and distributors, as well as the pleasure and the satisfaction of my customers
Enjoy your visit
Yannick Lachenal